Oil & Gas

We Design and package customized equipment which allow Oil and Gas companies to immediately produce oil and gas from their wells, test their wells and use artificial lift technologies for aging or low production wells.

We offer a number of Equipment Solutions:

  • 1. Surface Equipment:
  • a. Separators
  • b. Vessels
  • c. Tanks
  • d. Triplex Pumps
  • e. Surface Jet Pumps
  • 2. Subsurface Jet Pump.

Our subsurface jetpump is an innovative product. The oil/gas downhole jet pump is a pump which increases production in low pressure wells by using the venturi principle to create suction of oil/gas thousands of feet under the ground. Low pressure wells have a hard time producing a continuous supply of oil due to old age and a low bottom hole pressure.

The venturi principle is created by pumping oil or any available power fluid from the surface all the way down to the bottom hole jet pump. Thousands of feet under the ground, the power fluid travels through a tight nozzle/throat combination no larger than 1/2 inch in diameter. This creates a powerful vacuum which sucks the oil in the reservoir and sends it to the surface along with the power fluid. The oil travels down one path (tubing or casing) and comes up through the other path. The excess production is either stored in tanks in the surface or pumped to the nearest processing facility.

Volcanica designed the innovative down hole jet pump to overcome the problems associated with the low efficiency, traditional long used jet pump as a means of artificial lift. The new and proven patent pending Volcanica Energy design places our jet pump system way ahead of other artificial lift systems in terms of low cost and simplicity of operation.